Thursday, 22 August 2013


Once upon a time there was a bubble. A lovely, lively and endearing bubble. The bubble loved to babble, blabber, and bamboozle. However the best part of the bubble was its fascination with its core property, i.e.; bubble-ness. Most of them loved the bubble, felt enchanted and found it soothing. The bubble was well patronized from people of all hues and shades. However as is the nature of the bubble, it was always prone to prickle.  And some people did. Some intentionally and mostly unintentionally.  Prickle the bubble and stare at the rubble. However the rubble was always rousing. You see the bubble-ness of the bubble always saw it through the stumbles. The answer to every stumble was how not to crumble. And my beloved bubble was good at it. The bubble was a resting place for many souls.  It was the place where cookies used to crumble. But the bubble was good at adjoining the pieces and made them appear worth their existence. So far so good.        
But then bubble is a bubble. Don't you know it's a hollow round structure which looks good from outside but then have you pondered over its longitivity?  It fades away not out of want or circumstances but because of its very nature. Its life span is not really a matter as people know but then when we like something really bad or worse, when we get addicted to something it’s always hard to imagine the life without it no matter how insignificant that thing appeared on the outset. However the truth is you will move on, once it's gone but yes the idea of an addiction going away is a jittering thought.

Bubbles also like to float in the air.  They are particularly good at it. Now don't get the meaning that anyone could float it. It floated because of its very desire to outmaneuver the impending realities. It was not accustomed to realities existing beyond its imagination so the bubble tended to make its own realities of imagination and used to travel around. Float around. The caring people, as they were, didn't really find that satisfying. Always wondering why it would float around when all the things it ever needed was right here. In front of its very own eyes. Why this fascination with unknown, unsteady, insecure and unknowable? They asked bubble and honest as he was bubble had no answer. He never had. He never strived to get it. How did it matter, anywhichways? Sometimes knowing why and how of your maneuvers doesn't really stop you from maneuvering.

Doesn't that ring a bell of truth? Bubble wanted to move and he moved not knowing why, not willing to know why. If ever it stopped and wonder about why then it was simply to pretend to satisfy the curiosity of others not of itself. .Oh dear bubble how immature that sounds? Couldn't you do with some worldly wisdom? Your path was fraught with dangers and uncertainties and people around you could never evolve in last thousands of years to actually understand and believe that uncertainty is good. .it broadens your navigational paths. .offers you more optionalities...More scope for adventures. .Mr. Darwin you were wrong. .you were always wrong. .humans stopped evolving hundred years ago.

We like to constrain things in our understandable dimensions. .we hate uncertainties. .our intellect doesn't allow us to accept things we can't comprehend. .but humans try telling this to this mad mad bubble. .it has gone berserk. .and bizarre. .doesn't really fit in the mould of society. .shouldn't we brand this bubble as a bane to society so that we can get rid of this bugger for good. .Good riddance, eh? Ok let me try to pin down this bastard... Gosh. .I can't reach him. .he is still floating. .let us get it back to the gates of Hades... And make it meet the ultimate bubble blaster...Realities of our modern times.